Why I don’t beauty blog

A lot of people question why I don’t wear makeup. I’ve tried, I have previously worn make up and occasionally will wear it for events. Some of the hottest, trending bloggers are beauty bloggers. I’m not saying your bad if your a beauty blogger. By all means forward me some tips! But beauty does not consume me, at least not society’s kind. 

Today’s society is bombarded with perfect body shapes and perfect skin, the hottest colors and trendiest clothes. It’s plastered all over magazines and movie screens. For a long time, I was trying to stay on that route. Lucky for me I met a boy, when at 17 I was trying to become what society paints all women to be, who loved me regardless of what I wore or looked like when I was with him. My husband’s not a poet, and he’s not a writer. Sometimes he’s stubborn and sometimes he’s rough around the edges. Tuesday will be our two year anniversary of being married. We’ve been together 7 years and he’s never stopped calling me beautiful. His definition is something completely different than what society paints. He sees me as beautiful when I’m covered in paint from some furniture project I’m doing. He sees me as beautiful when I’m having a depressed day, haven’t had a shower, and have barely made it off the couch. He sees me as beautiful when I’m frustrated and angry because my recent DIY project didn’t turn out to be anything like what it was suppose to be. He sees me as beautiful even when I’m upset with him. Your confidence may come from make up and that’s okay. My confidence comes from the way one man wraps his arms around me and kisses me on the worst day ever. I didn’t expect to marry my first boyfriend but he was perfect for me in every way. He loves me just the way I was meant to be loved. The feminist movement would say not to depend on a man to make you feel beautiful, I would say they haven’t found what I have. 

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