Cheeseburger Pasta

I’ve honestly been working on this post since July 4th weekend and I have no better excuse than I was lazy. I promise to do better. We’ve spent the entire summer attempting to purchase the rental home that we’re currently in. Its been one set back after another. We have another potential closing date for tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes. None of those things have to do with this recipe though. This is kind of my favorite freezer meal. It’s not truly a freezer meal but eventually I’m going to do a series on freezer cooking and it’s going to be at the top of my list.

I know I said I was revamping everything on my blog and gearing it more towards fitness and healthier eating. That wasn’t a lie, I just firmly believe in semi unhealthy food to keep you from going insane sometimes. This recipe combines probably my two favorite food, Cheeseburgers and Pasta. The only thing it’s missing is pickles but I think that would be too weird for this dish.  This reminds me of a homemade version of Hamburger Helper. I’ve been guilty of grabbing a box or two of it when its on sale at our local grocery store for $.88 a box. That being said this is more expensive but you know exactly whats in it and for me and my husband it feeds us for at least two meals.

I found this recipe a few years ago and forgot about it until one night recently I wasn’t in the mood to cook anything huge and I had all the stuff. I originally got this recipe from Six Sisters Stuff. Their photo’s are alot prettier so go check them out! I did change the recipe up a little bit, I used ground turkey and Barilla Protein Noodles.


Cheeseburger Pasta

1 lb lean ground turkey

1(1 oz) pkg taco seasoning( my homemade recipe!)

1(10 oz) can Rotel tomatoes, you can use regular diced tomatoes if you don’t like the heat)

2 cups beef broth(use water if you don’t have broth)

1 cup pasta

Cheese Sauce:

2 Tbsp butter

2 Tbsp flour

3/4 cup milk

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

1/2 Tsp salt

1/2 Tsp pepper


For the pasta:

  1. Brown meat until no longer pink. Drain.
  2. Add taco seasoning, tomatoes and beef broth and mix together.
  3. Bring to simmer and add pasta.
  4. Cook 10-15 mins or until pasta is cooked.

For the cheese sauce:

  1. Add butter to a saute pan and melt.
  2. On med heat, add flour and whisk until combined.
  3. Whisk and cook until it is fragrant and golden brown.
  4. Add milk slowly, whisking the entire time.
  5. Add cheese, salt and pepper and whisk until cheese is melted.
  6. Add cheese sauce to pasta and serve!






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